Award Funding

Criteria for award funding

Proposals must:

  • Support students who have been permanent residents of Vancouver Island for the last five years or who were born on Vancouver Island.
  • Recognize students who have financial need as well as demonstrated academic excellence, motivation and commitment for developing their personal human capital through education.
  • Have established mechanisms for supporting the case for both financial need and academic excellence of proposed award recipients.
  • Include a process for accounting for the use of the Foundation’s funds and for providing annual updates to the Foundation on the current status of recipients of awards made in previous years.
  • Have an award selection process that is transparent to the Foundation.
  • Help increase public awareness of the value of acquiring marketable skills through education.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to rigorous awardee selection and award administration processes by providing matching funding for Macville Foundation awards.


Relatives or personal friends of the Foundation’s Board members are ineligible for award funding.