From the Foundation’s CEO

Why the Macville Charitable Foundation?  Well, it’s all about looking back and giving back.  In the early 1970s my family left a wonderful life in what could have been a tropical paradise because they saw little future there; all paths forward involved some sort of corruption, and we would have none of it.  We settled in Nanaimo, on  Vancouver Island, a place where we knew absolutely no one.  Over the next thirty years I transitioned through several exciting educational and career opportunities to eventually hold the positions of full professor in the faculty of medicine at one of Canada’s top universities and the head of a very large clinical department at a major teaching hospital.  Looking forward through the 1970’s lens, these accomplishments were beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.  Looking back I attribute them to an unwavering commitment on my part, but also to some very lucky breaks, particularly from mentors who saw potential in me and who were willing to invest meaningfully in my further career development.  My fellow Board members have similar stories.  So now we just want to play it forward.  And that’s why this Foundation was set up.  I want to invest in others as others invested in us at crucial points along the way; with no expectations of return on investment other than the benefits to society that come from helping others pursue their goals through higher education.

Ps; the Foundation’s name is a combination of my parents’ names (Makhan and Vilma), whose life-long commitment to social justice we honor.